Tree Stump Grinding Sussex
Tree Stumps Removal

Stump grinding is a quick, easy and effective job to get rid of those annoying tree stumps. No matter the job whether big or small, we are here, ready to lend you a hand.

Why Do People Get Tree Stumps Removed?

Tree stumps can become incredibly annoying.

If they are in the garden, they are likely to get in the way when you are gardening or having people over.

Another reason is once you have had a tree removed, by leaving the stump there - which can spread disease and infection - the tree can regrow, which is why it is easier in the long run, along with being more cost-effective to remove the stump all together.

Before You Have A Stump Removed

Before we remove the stump, it is important for us to make sure the area we are working on is clear from materials such as metal, stone and concrete as these can damage the equipment in a matter of seconds.

The Process Of Stump Grinding

During the process of stump removal, with the use of our specialist equipment, we will grind out the stump from 6-12 inches below the ground surface to prevent further problems for you.

The stump grinder, a device with a cutter wheel, made up of a large metal disc with teeth bolted on, spins in order to cut away at the tree stump.

There are a couple of different stump grinders that can be used during the job. There are the push-along grinders and then there are the self-propelled ones. Depending on the nature of the job, how big the stump is and the location, whether it is in a tight location or if there is easy access, all depends on what form of equipment we use.

What Happens After The Stump Removal?

After the stump has been removed, the hole where the stump had originally been will be refilled with the woodchips left from the tree stump, along with the surrounding earth that the stump grinder had picked up.

How Much Will Stump Removal Cost?

The cost to get the tree stump removed is very much dependant on the height and width of the stump along with what type of stump it is and how many you are planning on getting removed.

To find out how much this type of job will be, give us a call and we will provide you with a free quote.

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