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Tree Crown Thinning / Pruning

What is Crown Reduction?

Crown reduction is the process in which dead, broken and unnecessary branches are cut down from the tree, while allowing the tree to still keep its shape so that it can continue to grow strong, without the problems of it growing too big.

Why Do Trees Need Crown Reduction Thinning?

So long as trees have water, sunlight and nutrients - the three main elements for a trees survival - you can guarantee that the tree will continue to grow and live, which is why crown reductions can become necessary.

Trees often have crown reductions when they have outgrown their growing space and when their branches are dying. This is when us tree fellas need to cut back the dead wood.

Other cases of when trees need crown reductions are when the trees are getting too much to handle and are close to causing interference with electric cables, street lights and blocking out the sun from your house.

The Advantages of Crown Reduction

The advantage of crown reduction, is while your tree keeps its height and shape, a lot of the branches get cut back helping to thin the tree out more to make it easier for you to manage.

During the process of crown reductions, the tree fella's will be cutting back the dead wood. The advantage of doing this, is that it is encouraging the tree for new growth and the tree will continue to grow up healthy.


A lot of the reasons why trees have crown reductions is for safety purposes. The problem trees have when they grow tall, is that the crown can get caught in the wind a lot, especially when its leaves have grown. When this happens, this can lead to branches snapping and falling off the trees, especially during storms and gale force winds, which can be a serious safety hazard for passers-by on the streets.

Why Choose CJF Greencare

For jobs as big and important as this, it is necessary to hire a tree fella - someone who knows what they are doing. You will be reassured in hearing that all of our employees have the qualifications and experience to know how to do the job properly and to a professional standard.

Customers are our most important people, which is why we provide friendly and polite service, going the extra mile to please our customers.

Crown Reduction Cost

The price of a crown reduction is all dependant on the height and size of the tree, but we are willing to provide a free quote and find a cost-effective solution to suit you.

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